Lace Up With Velcro Bow Hiding Strap

Good for middle school and above

Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods may carry these styles, however, not always. They do carry other styles of head gear.

Many Edge Wrestlers have purchased gear through on-line vendors, below are a few links.       - This company is located in Elmhurst, Illinois    

* Please note that the above links are provided for informational purposes, Northshore Edge does not represent the companies or receive anything for providing the link.

Wrestling Shoes -

The decision on Wrestling Shoes at this level should be based on comfort. There are inexpensive shoes and over the top expensive shoes. The best shoes for the youngest beginner are Velcro type vs. lace-up. Middle youth wrestlers can use lace up with little effort, but a Velcro 'lace hiding' ankle strap is encouraged because these are faster and much easier to use. The lace 'bow' must be hidden or taped down to avoid opponents fingers from being caught in laces.  

Some Wrestlers have had some luck at Play It Again Sports. Otherwise a major chain sporting goods store should have a few styles to choose from. Purchasing shoes online can work, but keep in mind your Wrestler should try on the shoes and make sure they are comfortable.



Practice Information

All Lace Up - Bow in Tongue Type

Good for older wrestlers

All Velcro Style

​Great for youth

Place And Time -   

Practices will be at New Trier East (Winnetka Campus) in the Wrestling Room GO10
​Tuesday & Thursday Regular Practice - 6:15 - 7:45 pm

Wednesday Advanced Wrestlers Practice - 6:15 - 7:45pm

What To Expect

There will be two practice groups divided by experience. Wrestlers are then grouped or paired with Wrestlers that are similar in size to practice moves and technique. Practices usually follow the following format:

  • Warm ups and Wrestling specific calisthenics
  • Basic Wrestling drills
  • New move introduction and drilling
  • Live Wrestling

What To Wear -

  • Wear shorts, t-shirt, wrestling shoes, and head gear
  • Wrestling shoes and head gear are not included in the registration fee. Other than swimming, Wrestling is probably the most inexpensive sport. See below for help on Wrestling gear.

Where To Find Head Gear And Shoes -

There are many styles of Head Gear. The Head Gear that best suits your Wrestler will ultimately be personal preference based on comfort and ease of use. For beginner wrestlers one the most popular styles is Cliff Keen Twister or the Tornado. (pictured below)