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Off Season Wrestling

North Shore Edge Wrestling Club Marc Tadelman Edge Style Youth Wrestling Camp
June 11 - June 14, 2018

6:00pm - 7:30pm

New Trier Wrestling Room - Winnetka


For more information - contact Marc Tadleman 847-612-9765

​Sign up on WWW.NEWTRIER.K12.IL.US


Off Season Wrestling

It is said that Champions are made in the Off-Season. Of course the sport of Wrestling is much more than 'winning' and being a champion, but for those Wrestlers that want to compete at a high level, the off-season can be an important component for improvement.

There are a number of off-season tournaments and camps available to Wrestlers looking to improve. 

Below are 4 different opportunities for your wrestler.

Open Mats –

Coach Tadelman will have one night a week for FREE practices with day and time TBD (always good to find a partner to go with who is the same size) in the spring. Look for an email.

Tournaments –

There are off-season tournaments on Saturday or Sunday that you need to register for and you can see if a coach is attending. I am going to many of the tournaments, as is Coach Tadelman.

Spring Freestyle and Greco-Roman –

Spring is the Greco Roman/Freestyle season with clinics and developmental tournaments that are not folkstyle (youth and high school wrestling) which are great to help young wrestlers improve.

Camps –

These are either on weekends in March, April and May or for 2-5 days in June and July. Some are local day camps, some are overnight. 

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